Moving With Children

Moving can be very stressful for adults, and it can be a disrupting event for a child. Here are a few tips to help children adjust to all the changes:

Discuss the move with the entire family in advance

moving_with_children4Break the news regarding the move to everyone in the family together. Concentrate on the “why,” “when,” “how” and “where” of the moving process. Make sure your children understand that the move is a positive event for the entire family. Ask their opinion, showing interest in what they think make them feel important and they are.

Keep the children involved

Have the children pack some or all of their own belongings and label the boxes their own way and with their own names. Ask them to help you plan for your trip to your new destination by finding the best route to take. Depending on their age, they can use atlas maps or online directions such as Google and MapQuest. When the moving crew arrives, introduce them to the children but make sure they stay clear for their own safety. At the new home, have the children pick their own paint colors and have them help with decorating their own rooms or even painting.

A special item or toy

moving_with_children3Make sure to keep special items handy on moving day, such as a favorite toy or favorite stuffed animal.


Make new friends but keep the old ones

Prior to the move, give your children an opportunity to spend as much time as possible with their friends to say goodbye. If possible, take the children to see their new home and meet their new neighbors and get a head start on making new friends.

Eliminate fear

moving_with_children5If possible, take the children to see their new home and neighborhood in advance to take the mystery from the move. If it is not possible, gather as much information about the neighborhood as you can by using the Internet, buying the local newspaper, going on schools Web sites, and taking pictures of the new house and share all of the information with your children.

Pursue new activities

Help your children make new friends quickly by involving them in extracurricular activities in their new neighborhood, such as sports leagues, community kids’ clubs and classes specific to their interests. This will help keep them busy and make them feel more at home in their new surroundings.


Once you’re moved into your new home, before you finish unpacking, take the family to their favorite type of restaurant to celebrate a successful move. Make sure you emphasize how important their help was and how you couldn’t have done this without them.

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