Moving Checklist

Please print this page and check off the items listed as you plan and prepare for your move until you arrive at your new home or office.

6 Weeks Before Moving Date:
  • Set aside all items that will NOT be moved for garage sale.
  • Start packing “off season” clothes and other nonessential items.
  • Call 1st Class Moving for estimates on moving cost.
  • Notify magazine subscriptions of your change in address.
5 Weeks Before Moving Date:
  • Get records of your pet’s medical history and immunizations from the veterinarian. Be sure your have ample supply of heartworm and other preventive medications.
  • Check with your doctors and dentist for all family records and prescriptions. If you are taking prescription medication, ask the doctor for new prescriptions. In case your medication gets lost in the move you can obtain replacements in the new city.
4 Weeks Before Moving Date:
  • Contact utility companies for refunds of your deposit and set turn-off dates.
  • Service power mowers, snowmobiles, etc. Drain all gas/oil to prevent a fire in moving van.
  • Get your children’s school records.
  • Contact your insurance agent to transfer or cancel coverage.
3 Weeks Before Moving Date:
  • Plan for storage or transport of valuables. Set insurance policies and other vital papers aside to be carried in your car.
2 Weeks Before Moving Date:
  • Empty your freezer and plan use of foods.
  • Have your automobile(s) serviced.
1 Week Before Moving Date:
  • Transfer or close all your checking and savings accounts.
  • Contact 1st Class Moving by telephone or e-mail to confirm your move.
  • Arrange for sufficient cash, money orders, cashier’s checks or traveler checks to cover moving expenses. Unless you plan to use Credit Cards.
  • Empty safe deposit box.
  • Have appliances serviced for moving.
  • Fill out change of address forms and give to the postmaster. You also can do that on this Web site by clicking on Links for  Change Address.
  • Defrost freezer and clean refrigerator. Use baking soda or crumpled up newspapers to control odors.
  • Put manuals and instruction on the home you are leaving for the new buyers in a place where they will find them.
  • Clean rugs or clothing before moving.
  • Separate cartons and luggage you need for personal/family travel.
  • Plan for special needs of children and pets.
  • Arrange to have utilities turned on at new address.
  • If house is sold, notify utilities to cut off the day after your moving date. If house is not sold, leave utilities on.
  • If house is not sold, arrange for lawn maintenance until it is sold.
Moving Day:
  • Make sure that 1st Class Moving has your cell phone number in case your home phone has been disconnected. It is important that your mover can contact you on the moving date.
  • Plan to spend the entire day at the house. Don’t leave until the movers have gone.
  • Carry jewelry and valuable documents, insurance policies, passports and family photos yourself; or use registered mail.
  • Stay with the moving van driver to oversee everything.
  • Be sure to tell packers and/or drivers about fragile or precious items.
  • Take a final tour of the entire house (basement, attic, garage, backyard, bathrooms and every room). Double check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure they are empty.
  • Approve and sign the Bill of Lading and make sure you get copies of all documents.
  • Double check with the driver to make certain moving company records show the correct delivery address and all contact telephone numbers possible, including cell phones. Give driver phone numbers both here and in new community to contact you in case of a problem.
  • Get complete routing information from the driver and provide him with directions if needed. Make sure you have 1st Class’ toll free number in case you need to call while in route.
  • Lock all the doors and windows. Advise your real estate agent and neighbors that the house is empty.
  • Leave all keys with new owner, real estate agent or neighbor.
  • Let close friends and relatives know your route, including overnight stops.
  • Leave garage door remote controls on kitchen countertop. Check above the sun visor of all cars for garage door openers.
On Arrival at New Home:
  • Obtain certified check or cashiers check necessary for closing on your new home.
  • Check on service of utilities at new address.
  • Check pilot light on stove, hot water heater and furnace.
  • Ask mailman for any mail he may be holding for you.
  • Have new address recorded on driver’s license, or obtain a new one.
  • Register your car within five days after arrival in new state, to avoid penalty.
  • Register children in school.
  • Obtain phone numbers for emergencies, such as fire/police, and determine the nearest hospital.
  • Register to vote.
  • Don’t forget to write 1st Class Moving to let them know about your experience or simply fill out the online feedback form. We would love to hear from you. After all, it is customers like you that keep us in business. So, THANK YOU FOR YOUR BUSINESS!

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