F.A.Q. (Commercial)

These are some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive from our corporate customers. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us anytime via e-mail or by telephone at: 1 (888) 379-0011.

1. What type of moving cartons will you provide?

The best moving carton for commercial moving measures between 1.5 and 2.0 cubic feet in volume. Anything larger could weigh more than 70 pounds when packed and can be too heavy for your employees to handle safely during the packing stage. Beware, according to the National Safety Council, 75 percent of all workers’ compensation claims nationwide are from back injuries caused by lifting.

2. How will you handle our computers and other electronic equipment?
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At 1st Class, we prefer to wrap each computer component with bubble-wrap, then place the protected equipment onto a steel or wooden cart for safe transport. This will ensure the safety of your equipment, protect it from dust particles, and save both time and money.

3. Will you move companies on weekends?
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Yes, most commercial moves take place on weekends or evenings. After hours moves minimize down-time and help keep your business running.

4. Will it cost more to move on a weekend or after hours?
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No. 1st Class policy is to charge the same fees and the same hourly rates whether you’re moving during the week, on a weekend, or after hours.

5. How will you move our library?
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Not long ago, the only way to move a library was to unload and pack the books into mountains of boxes an extremely labor-intensive method that almost always caused mix ups and excessive downtime. These days, reputable movers like 1st Class can load your books easily, swiftly and under your close supervision onto rolling book bins or bookcases on wheels. This procedure greatly reduces downtime by providing 100 percent access to your books immediately before and after the move.

6. How will you protect the office building from damage?
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Masonite sheets placed down the center of the hallway can protect the carpet and special pads clamped in place protect the door jambs.

7. Do you provide packing and unpacking services?
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Yes we do. We can help pack your files, supplies, books, computers, pictures and wall hangings, and virtually anything else. We also can provide unpacking of the same at your destination.

8. What provisions do you have for emergencies, such as a truck breakdown, elevator failure or the need for additional men or equipment?
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A top level manager always is accessible and available during your move. Even if your move occurs on a weekend or overnight.

9. What can we do with our old furniture if we’re buying all new furniture for our new offices?
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Old furniture can be sold, donated, given away, recycled or landfilled. 1st Class can help with all of these situations.

10. Will we be permitted to audit your invoices?
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A small minority of moving companies often bill for “ghost movers,” or laborers who didn’t actually perform any services. Make sure the company will allow you to examine its payroll and cost records if you deem it necessary to verify all moving charges.

11. How do you get the furniture in the right place in the new space?
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Our on-site PM will establish a labeling system to identify the office and even the exact location of each item. Just prior to the move, the PM will placard the new space with floor plans for each office and directional signage allowing the efficient placement of all items.

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